We’d like to invite your organization to join us for a

Different kind of Event.

To make tangible change, we need to do things differently. With a growing client expectation for business to have a social conscience, many businesses are looking for ways to connect with non-profits. We believe that these connections should be more than writing a cheque to a deserving partner.

This is what Summit 4 Change is about. Our high energy event will provide a place for business and non-profits to learn practical tools, have an opportunity to network, and to find inspiration to make change happen.

Our inaugural event will be on November 16th and 17th, 2017 at Fort Edmonton Park.

Each year, Summit 4 Change will focus on different areas of social change in the community, featuring thoughtful speakers who are experts in that field. In 2017, we will focus on youth homelessness and mental health. Speakers will include representatives from local organizations and high-profile speakers including Clint Malarchuk, Joe Roberts, and Devin Thorpe.

We understand that your employee’s time is valuable, but we believe that coming to Summit for Change 2017 is an investment that your business doesn’t want to miss out on for 3 reasons:

  1. Connect Your Corporate Giving with Employee and Customer Concerns.

A growing number of people are seeking a higher purpose in their place of work and where they spend their money. Employees and customers want to feel that what they do and where they spend their money has greater meaning. Summit 4 Change has two solid days of local and internationally renowned speakers who have experience in creating successful partnerships between business and non-profits that will engage your employees and your customers. Learn practical ideas to create a corporate giving program that draws people to your business.

  1. Targeted Networking with Non-Profits that Align with your Values.

Participants of Summit 4 Change will be from businesses and non-profits who are actively seeking meaningful partnerships that will make a difference on the social issue that impact their stakeholders. This means that participants will be in the room with potential partners who are eager to learn about your organization and what you do. At Summit 4 Change we will encourage our participants to connect with organizations whose purpose and values align. This alignment will engage employees and reduce staff turnover and increase productivity. It will also draw customers who are looking for companies who have a social conscience. We hope that connections made at our event are the beginning of a long-term purposeful relationship.

  1. Find Inspiration with Like-Minded People.

Sending your team to Summit 4 Change will energize your employees. By spending 2 days with like-minded people who seek to make a real difference, our participants will learn to think outside the usual for new ways to develop a corporate giving program. Participants will hear success stories of how others overcame challenges to learn how best to collaborate with like minded organizations to be more effective in your purpose.

Summit 4 Change is an investment that will be well worth the time and funds. Join us for inspiration, education and networking that will create new opportunities for meaningful connection with like-minded partners.

To make change, we must be the change.