Summit 4 Change for Non-Profits

We understand that non-profits have limited funds and resources, but we believe that coming to Summit for Change 2017 is an investment in your potential and growth.

Summit 4 Change for Corporations

Our high energy event will provide a place for business and non-profits to learn practical tools, have an opportunity to network, and to find inspiration to make change happen.

We Don’t Need Coins

Homeless-bashing is similar to racism and sexism, or any other type of degrading. It generalizes an entire group of people for circumstances largely beyond their control.

Giving Back? What’s my ROI?

By Rhonda Newman, CFRE In this day and age corporate responsibility, public image, brand recognition, social impact, and corporate philanthropy are always in your face as a business. But what’s the big deal? Corporations work hard to make a profit and everywhere you...



Summit 4 ChangeNovember 16th, 2017
The big day is here.