If Money Could Talk

If Money Could Talk

If Money Could Talk: Straight Talk for Canadians Over 50

by Mr. George A. McConechy

If you’re like most Canadians, divorce, blended families, market meltdowns, children who don’t leave home (or who come back with babies in tow), health challenges, real estate mistakes, golden handshakes — just to name a few — have left you wondering just what exactly you’re supposed to do next, this book is for you. In my 12 years of advising Canadians on the straightest path to prosperity, I’ve discovered that most books about money are about just that — money. And that there isn’t really a book about life and how money fits into it. That’s why I decided to write one. I’ve organized the book by what might be happening in your life and how you can handle the money decisions that impact it. Therefore, if you’ve not experienced divorce, there’s probably no need to read that chapter. Feel free to graze for the topics that mean the most to you. But don’t miss the chapters “One Tick Box Can Change your Life” and “The Bucket system for Retirement.” They are truly universal.


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October 18, 2017