The Purpose Roadmap

The Purpose Roadmap

The Purpose Roadmap
by Mick Lolekonda



You want purpose and direction.

Purpose is what adds meaning to our lives and what fuels our sense of clear direction in life, peace, contentment, success, and fulfillment. Without it, we fall victim to unnecessary frustrations, take longer to get where we want to be in life, run the risk of losing sight of our dreams, and even lose hope.

You believe you can do more, that there’s more, and that you’re meant to do something greater with your life.

You know that there’s more to you and that you have so much more to offer. That wherever you find yourself right now is not where you’re meant to be. You know deep down that you’re meant to do what you love, feel passionate about it, and what fully challenges you. You want to feel fulfilled in every way through your Work and the life as well as the lifestyle the Work will help materialize. One that will make you feel alive, free, content, and at peace.

Now you can have clear purpose, a defined calling, and know what vehicle to use to live the fulfilling life you know you’re meant to have.

Based on first-hand experience, Mick Lolekonda has uncovered practical and spiritual steps that will put you in a position to feel hopeful and re-energized about your life direction and Work.

Mick Lolekonda will walk you, regardless of which stage of life you find yourself in, through the steps to achieve purpose clarity by creating a fulfilling life direction. One that will satisfy your desire for growth and making a difference in a way that unique to you. This book offers invaluable insights and practical principles for getting your life on a clear course, starting today.

What’s your purpose?



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September 1, 2017