They must have made poor choices in their lives and that’s why they’re in the situation they’re in now… Don’t give any of your money to a homeless person, they’ll just spend it on drugs or alcohol.. People on welfare have it good.. I wish I could take advantage of the system like they do.. Must be nice to sit around all day doing nothing and collecting other peoples money. They all must be poorly educated or have a mental illness. They are all criminals and will rob you blind.. They don’t want help..

Sounds familiar? I could go on.

Homeless-bashing is similar to racism and sexism, or any other type of degrading. It generalizes an entire group of people for circumstances largely beyond their control. Just close your eyes and think about it. It’s difficult to understand unless you have experienced it. It isn’t until we educate ourselves and take the steps to inform our community in initiatives that address homelessness and its causes that the problem can be dealt with. Be considerate and understanding, homeless people are just like you and me. We are all human!